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g3Designs was formed in 2020 after receiving a unique request from an existing client. At the time we did not have the capability or capacity to deliver on their request. The missed opportunity was the catalyst for the development of this division.

Today our quality wood creations and hand crafted items are designed and created in our Endwell, NY workshop. Each product is made from raw materials locally sourced and can be shipped around the world.

Our crew has decades of experience in the design, fabrication and finishing process. We are customer focused and have high standards for delivering quality products.

We are obsessed with containing costs at each step in the process from material acquisition and production through packaging and shipping. This allows us to deliver custom, quality products at a very competitive price in local shops as well as within our online store

Our Endwell, NY Studio is equipped with a variety tools and specialized equipment which allows us to efficiently deliver a quality product.

In addition to the extensive array of hand tools, power tools and heavy equipment you might find in a professional wood shop, we have embraced and implemented bleeding edge technology.We are one of very few workshops in the State of New York equipped with a sophisticated, liquid cooled CO2 laser. We can cut and etch a variety of products including wood, glass, mirror, tile, stone, leather in our production process. We also utilize a commercial 3D printer in our workflow for creating everything from specialized tools and equipment to templates and customized parts. We also offer prototyping for other design professionals in many areas.

The laser and 3D printer combined with our design software platforms and experienced crew members provides us endless opportunities to design and create utilizing a variety of materials, techniques and finishes.

Contact us today to discuss your project or idea. We love custom orders and are always excited about new challenges.

g3Designs - Endwell, NY workshop


Our quality hand crafted products are custom designed and created using a variety of products. When possible, they are all sourced locally and may vary based on supplier availability, seasonal availability, etc. As a result, our products and inventory within our online store are always changing based on material availability, orders, and our manufacturing processes.

Our products which are made to order may be personalized to make the perfect gift or the addition to a comprehensive marketing or promotional campaign.

From one to over one hundred items, our products are perfect for:

  • Home Decor
  • A gift for that Special Someone
  • Baby & Wedding Announcements
  • Bridal Party Gifts
  • Birthday, Family Reunion, Anniversary & Wedding Favors
  • Sales Team Gifts or Production Promotional Activities
  • Awards and Recognition Gifts

All of our products are made using quality materials and constructed using the strongest, food safe glues and adhesives available.

Almost all of our products are made from reclaimed wood from local mills and distributors. We classify our wood selections as follows:

  • Dark – These items are typicaly made with red oak, cherry, and occasional piece of walnut.
  • Light – These items are typically made from maple, bass, and poplar.
  • Mixed Woods – These items are matched by our designers to create interesting, unique and thoughtful patterns, textures and contrasts. While we can often replicate patterns, with variances in color, grain, and species depending on the time of year, originating mill and the way our materials are sawed, it’s not always possible to get a close match from item to item. If we are creating either a custom creation of a stock design or a custom designed item using mixed woods, the discretion of the wood selection and pattern is left to our design and fabrication team. If you are looking for an item with a relatively consistent look (like promotional item for your sales team, awards, etc., while we like the uniqueness of mixed wood items, some prefer the consistent look of a project made from Oak or Maple only.

It is important to note that when working with wood, no two pieces are identical, and it is not possible to make identical finished products. While we can often deliver products with similar compositions such as type of woods, thicknesses, and design/layout, there is always a variance in the final product.

Our Product Line

Click on the link below to learn more about our offerings.

Wood Coasters

All of our coasters are hand crafted. From the selection of the wood and "glue up" patterns to the oreintation of imprinting, careful thought is put into each set. From assemblly, drilling, routering, sanding and finishing, out team makes sure that a quality product is produced at each step. All coasters are approximately 4"x"4 and are assembled with recessed felt feet.

While we are proud to offer three basic types of hand-made coasters, the customization possibilities are almost endless. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us! Chances are we can bring your idea to life!

"Just the Grain"

Just The Grain Coaster

While we love adding a special touch to your product, sometimes wood in it's natural state is simply beautiful without anything more. These coasters may be finished to a customer's specification or finished at the discretion of one of our team members based on the natural colors within the wood used.

In Stock Designs

Stock Coasters

These start with a sanded "just the grain" natural coaster, are then imprinted using a precision laser and then sealed with a fine finish. The stock imprints are typically complete and ready for same business day shipment, however on days with large order volume, it may take up to two business days for shipping.

Custom Designs

Custom Coaster

Our custom designs allow customers to quickly customize products already set up within our system or perhaps a design specifically created for you. Typically, these items ship within 2 business days. Customers wishing to create their own design should click here to learn more!

Cutting Boards

When we started creating our promotional products, we said we would "never" offer cutting boards. There are many artisans, several we consider to be friends who offer beautiful boards made of exotic woods in a variety of patterns. Since then, we have launched a line of boards to specifically address our customer's requests.

Most of the boards for sale on our website and at shows are all without any logo or imprint. If you are looking for something custom built to your specifications or looking to add an imprint to one of our boards, contact us!

The possibilities are endless.

Basic Boards

Basic Boards

No Frill cutting boards designed, built, and priced with everyday use in mind. These hardwood boards glued and finished to withstand everyday chopping, washing, and drying. They are affordable and priced to use, not simply cherish like a higher priced boards made from exotic woods (expensive materials) in intricate patterns (extensive labor) which result in a board costing three, four, five or more times the cost of this durable kitchen board.

Mini Chop Blocks

Chop Blocks

When you do a lot of chopping or butchering you don't want a board; you want a block. The problem is that most butcher block styled boards are big and heavy to maneuver around a kitchen and require a lot of storage space. That is why we created our Chop Blocks. These thick, durable blocks are designed for chopping with a knife or cleaver, will hold up with daily washing and do not require a lot of room to store.

Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie most often consists of a variety of meats and cheeses and often fruit or nuts. While we do not provide you the food, we can supply you with one of these trendy boards. Our boards are uniquely crafted using simple materials, in a variety of sizes with the focus on filling the niche for small, durable, quality boards. Our simple, minimalist design is deliberate as we believe our boards should only be the vessel for the food you are showcasing.

Artisan Boards

Artisan Boards

These are the boards we said we would never make! Available in three sizes our Artisan Cutting boards are constructed of a mix of Maple, Walnut, Cherry, and other specialty hard woods. We are very particular regarding the quality of the wood, the patterns of the grain as well as how they are assembled and finished. If you are paying a premium for a cutting board, you should be getting a premium cutting board. All boards are finished with wounded edges and are power sanded to ensure they are flat and then hand sanded several times.

We can custom build a boaadd juice grooves, custom lasered logos, images, text and more.

We often hear from customers at shows that they could never cut on our boards because they are so beautiful. Our response is always the same... “You know you can flip it over?” We recommend reserving the front to showcase your food and use the back (the side with our production stamp) for everyday cutting.

Coming Soon!

Hockey Pucks & Hockey Puck Openers

Hockey Pucks

Our Hockey Puck line is one of a kind! All projects start with new, regulation, black, dense rubber Hockey Pucks. While we have a few designs we keep in stock and take to shows with us, the possibilities are endless! We can fulfill orders for single pucks, pucks for your team or league, or pucks for your fundraising efforts. While stock a large quantity of blank pucks, larger orders may require additional production/shipping times depending on our stock of blanks at the time of your order.

Laser Engraved

Laser Engraved Hockey Pucks

Our commercial laser has the strength, speed and a few custom accessories that allow us to engrave Hockey Pucks both safely and efficiently. We are able to engrave very detailed designs on one or two sides in quantities from one to one thousand. We have engraved funny sayings, team sponsor logos, team logos, and random imagery. Customers have ordered one side with their team logo and the player’s name and number on the second side. The possibilities are endless.

Laser Engraved - Color Filled

Color Filled Laser Engraved Hockey Pucks

In response to client requests, we have developed a process which allows us to fill a laser engraving with a single color. This process requires additional steps in the engraving as well as the color fill which is done by hand after the puck is cleaned and prepped after engraving. The color fill can be completed in a variety of colors using acrylic paints that are modified with additives to improve the bonding and durability of the color fill. The result will be a puck suitable for display. While the engraving will never fade, the color fill will not withstand practice or game use on the ice.

While we have done color fills on intricate designs, it is recommended that color fill be used on simple, larger designs without small lettering or intricate designs. These pucks are priced according to the amount of detail in your design as it directly relates to the amount of labor required to complete the color fill. Contact us today to discuss your project and get a custom quote.

Hockey Puck Bottle Openers

Laser Engraved Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

For one sided engraved pucks (with or without a color fill) we can turn your puck into a bottle opener. If you are playing in an “old man’s league”, this is the puck you want to have in your bag for taking the caps of the micro brews after the game in the locker room. Prior to engraving, pucks are milled out and prepared for a stainless-steel bottle opener which is screwed into the dense rubber of the puck.

We want your items to last a lifetime.

At g3Designs, we take our time and work hard to deliver custom wood products and wood coasters which are designed to exceed our customer’s expectations. Below are tips and recommendations to keep your product looking new and long lasting. If you have any questions or we can help you make a selection of one of our custom products or help you care for one of our existing products, contact us.

Natural products.

Natural Wood Items

These products are delivered without any protectant, sealant, etc. This allows customers to finish them on their own to match their other décor, or in a specific preferred way or using a specific product. Natural products are not protected in anyway and may be discolored by sunlight, liquids, or other environmental exposures.In comparison to finished products, non-finished products are more susceptible to changes in temperature, humidity, and may shrink, swell, or warp.

Care should be taken to protect these items from exposure to sunlight and liquids as well as significant changes in temperature or humidity until they are sealed.

Butcher Block Sealants. (Coasters, Cheese Boards, Cutting Boards, etc.)

Sealed Cutting Boards

With care, a cutting board could last a lifetime.

  • Boards can be washed/wiped with dish detergent and warm water. It’s important to always wash both sides, even if you only use one.
  • NEVER put a board in a dishwasher, submerge in water, or let it soak in a sink full of water.
  • Boards should be stored out of direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and away from sources of high humidity.
  • If cut marks start to show up on the face of the wood, you can sand out deep ridges by sanding the entire surface of the board. When done, you’ll need to re-seal it.
  • Even with the proper care, some boards may warp over time. If glue joints fail, cracks appear, or deep cut marks can’t be removed, food and bad bacteria may build up and potentially make you sick. It’s time for a new board.

Danish Oil & Polyurethane. (Coasters and other sealed wood items.)

Sealed Wood Items

Danish Oil and Polyurethane are the most common sealants we use on items that will not have prolonged contact with food and/or have a higher probability of exposure to moisture (like condensation of a beverage glass on a coaster.)

Our products may be manufactured with one or more coats of sealant which may have been applied in spray, wipe on, or brush on formulation. While under normal use, they should not require resealing, however some of our commercial customers or those with more than average use may choose to reseal their items. Light sanding with 400 grit or more is recommended before applying additional coats of sealer over what has already been applied.

Tips for caring for sealed products include:

  • Items may be washed/wiped with dish detergent and warm water. It’s important to always was both sides, even if you only use one.
  • NEVER put the item in a dishwasher, submerge in water or let it soak in a sink full of water.
  • Keep the items away from direct sunlight, high levels of humidity or extreme temperatures.

Custom Orders

Looking for a custom, hand crafted creation to promote your product or organization, celebrate a milestone or special event, or perhaps create a unique gift for that special someone? We can help! Most of our items may be custom laser etched or engraved using your logo, graphics, text and more. If you need help with the design of your item, our professional graphic design team can also assist you with the creation of something special. We have produced custom products for a variety of customers and organization including, but not limited to:

  • Breweries and Wineries
  • Sports Teams
  • Festivals and community events
  • Fundraiser
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement
  • Military Members and Air Crews
  • Corporate Sales Teams

We bring your designs to life! Contact us, the possibilities are almost endless!

The Process

Step 1
Reach Out!

Contact us today to talk about your project needs, design, and budget.

Step 2
Get a Proof

Depending on your project it may be a design file, photo of a sample run, or even a test product.

Step 3
Receive your Item

We'll complete the production of your item(s) and deliver them on time and within the agreed upon budget.


Custom Coasters

Our Product and Projects

These are photos of a some of the custom projects we have provided to customers. Please note the purpose of these photos is to simply show examples of our capabilities. Many of the photos were taken in the shop. Please excuse any inconsistencies with lighting, poor framing of the project, etc.

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